Sunday, August 28, 2011

sorry i've moved to somewhere!!!

got some ppl who stalked me,
including my fb, twitter, and all!!
my head is kinda like wanna explode when these ppl are interrupting my social life!!

sadly i got no life when those ppl tryna get my info of where am i n what am i doin form my friends..
somemore my so called friends are damn f stupid..
sorry to say that,
but u are...

so go to hell with all the stalkers..
pm me if you wanna get my new blog..
thats one of the reason i din update this blog much..
cuz its too annoying when they read all of the stuff i posted..

all i wanna say is,
gth all of you!!!
go find others if you wanna stalk, 
not me!!!
im tired with ppl stalking me!!
cant you guys see??
i can call the police if u guys cont lidiz!!

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