Sunday, August 28, 2011

sorry i've moved to somewhere!!!

got some ppl who stalked me,
including my fb, twitter, and all!!
my head is kinda like wanna explode when these ppl are interrupting my social life!!

sadly i got no life when those ppl tryna get my info of where am i n what am i doin form my friends..
somemore my so called friends are damn f stupid..
sorry to say that,
but u are...

so go to hell with all the stalkers..
pm me if you wanna get my new blog..
thats one of the reason i din update this blog much..
cuz its too annoying when they read all of the stuff i posted..

all i wanna say is,
gth all of you!!!
go find others if you wanna stalk, 
not me!!!
im tired with ppl stalking me!!
cant you guys see??
i can call the police if u guys cont lidiz!!

Friday, April 29, 2011



i've just realized i din write anything for the past 3 months?
i mean almost 4 months?

btw i am currently still composing n recompose my new songs
because this is my final year of study,
i din have the time to concentrate on everything!!

hope for the best for my final exam
also my FYP project!!

please do wait for my new appearance!!


Monday, December 27, 2010

B2ST junhyung and yoseob mad at fans?

few minutes ago,

 junhyung suddenly tweeted

혹시나 제번호를 아시는분들은 그냥 알고만계셔주시면 안될까요 밤늦게 오는 발신번호표시제한 전화들과 카카오톡으로 오는 메세지들때문에 조금 불편하네요
 which means...

If you happen to know my number, can you just keep it to yourself? The phone calls from restricted numbers and messages from KakaoTalk is a bit uncomfortable late at night
 and few minutes later,
yoseob tweeted:

준형이든 저든 혹시라도 저희번호를아신다고하더라도 연락하지마세요..핸드폰없는게 속편하겠네요..모르는 번호의 문자 보지도않고 삭제합니다.전화 받지않습니다 카톡 친구차단합니다.연락안되는거 똑같으니 자제부탁드릴께요
which means,

Even if you have Junhyung's or my number please do not contact us.. It's just better not to have a cellphone..If it is a number I don't know, I don't even look at the text message and delete it. I don't answer any phone calls. I don't accept KakaoTalk friend requests. It's basically like not contacting me so please refrain for doing such things
it seems like there;s some fans that got their numbers and start calling and disturbing them in the middle of the night and also distributing the numbers to others

i found this so annoying,
not just artist feels its better not to have phone,
i felt the same too when got people who always disturb me at nights and
also disturbing my YM everytime i online..

so please, for those that have their numbers,
please keep it yourself and try not disturbing them.
they got only 2/3 hours sleep per day,
and their sleeping hours are very important to them,
especially junhyung that have hectic schedules..

credits:  for translation

JYP ft KhunHo ~ Good Gurl Bad Gurl

wonderful perf from 3 of them!
but i wish for all 2pm to join.. it would be awsome!!

credits: Jackhklee5 @yt